• 1st  Day  Athens  O/NT
  • 2nd  Day   S/S of Athens, parlament, university, academy, bibliotheque, Olympic stadium, Acropolis at  leisure  to  Placa,  on  afternoon  excursion  to  Cape Sounion  visit temple of Posseidon  with the famouse sunshine  lunch  with fish to restaurant by the sea  & transfer to   Hotel  O/NT
  • 3th  Day   –  6th  Day  3  Days  cruise to  Greek  Islands & Turkey (Myconos, Kusandassi,  Ephessos,  Patmos, Heraklion, Santorini)
  • 6th  Day  Arrival  to  Athens at  leisure O/NT
  • 7th Day  Transfer  to  Airport